martes, 29 de abril de 2014

My Easter holidays. By Juan Fernando Lázaro

Easter holidays

The first day in the morning I had a walk with me little sister called Raquel and my dog called Lucia in Moralzarzal it was a sunny day. Then I ate and in the evening I did some homework of languish.
The second day in the morning I did some homework of English and listened music with my other sister called Marta then I ate in a restaurant and after this I relax in me house watched the TV.
In the evening I went with me family to the sport centre to played basketball and I wan !
The third day I went to the mountain with my family then  I went home, I was tired .
The three days later  I went to Madrid  to visits museums and went to the cathedral of Almudena and to a palace.
The next day I  went to me grand’s mother hous. The first day in the house I went to buy some food to the rest of the eater holidays and in the evening I stayed in home doing home work and watching TV.
The day before I went to the Retiro in Madrid   with my grand mother and we ate something . it was and spectacular day . then in the evening I study languish and had a walk with my dog .

The next day I went to the ( casa del campo ) there were a beautiful lake, I ate near to the lake becose there were many restaurants the next day I went to the mass and then I went to my house in Morarzarzal and now I´m here writing this essay of my Easter holidays.
                                                                             By Juan Fernando

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