jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

book fair

Book fair
When 2º ESO and 4º ESO finished the exams went to the Retiro because there where the book fair. Many people bought books, one of the most successful books was Divergente.

The teachers let us go anywhere of the Retiro that was the best part.  
                      By Juan Fernando

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

The Death of Darío Barrio

Darío Barrio was an Spanish chef, who was born in Madrin 1972 and he recently died the 6th of June of 2014. He had participated many TV programmes like “Todos contra el chef”.

He died in a BASE jumping accident in Segura de la Sierra, in Jaén, with 42 years.The act was supposed to be a tribute to álvaro Bultó, who died in a similar way.
                                                            By Alex Sanz

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

The King has renounced

On Monday 2nd of June, after 38 years of reign, the King Juan Carlos I had decided to renounce to the throne. At the beggining of July the prince Felipe will come to throne, and he will became the King of Spain with the name of Felipe VI. 
This is the first time in many years, in which a Spanish King renounces to the throne. 
We are very thankful to him and very prouded of the King we had had.  

                                                              By Alex Sanz


Atleti won the league:

Atleti and Basa plaid their last mach of the league, if they tied the Atleti won the leage but if the the Barsa scored a goal and the Atleti no the Barsa won the leage.

In the minute 16 Alexis ,a  football player of Barsa,s team scored a goal. The first part end with a 1-0 for the Barsa.

At the start of the second part Atleti scored a goal. The mach end with a 1-1 so the Atleti won the leage!

                                                                                      By Juan Fernando

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Real Madrid won its tenth Champions League Cup.

On 24th of May of 2014, the Real Madrid won its tenth Champions League.
The final was against a very strong team, the Atlético de Madrid, who won the League.
Godín scored for the Atlético de Madrid in the first part, and Sergio Ramos scored a fantastic goal at the end of the second part, which allow the Real Madrid to continue playing for the title.
The match ended with the victory of the Real Madrid, they won 4-1, with goals of Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo.
We won the tenth Champions League Cup !!!
                                                                     By Alex Sanz

Prom's day by Aurora Cerra

                                  PROM FESTIVAL

The next 18th of June the school will open the Doors for the celebration of the Prom’s day , a day that all the students were wait. This year will be different because were are making some changes, we will sing, dance, act…  
We had started preparing for this day many weeks ago, at the beginning of the second term, we are working very hard but the result will be amazing.

                                                         By Aurora Cerra

martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Bruno Mars

                        Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernández: born in honolulu(hawai) the 18 of October of 1985. professionally known by his stage name: Bruno Mars.
In an American singer song-writer, record  producer, musician, voice actor and choreographer.
Bruno mars born in a family of musicians, Mars  began making music at a young age and performed in various musical venues in his hometown throughout his childhood. He graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career.
Mars had an unsuccessful stint with Motown Records, but then signed with Atlantic in 2009. He became recognized as a solo artist after lending his vocals to the songs "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B, and "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy.

                                          By Juan Fernando
Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale was born the 16th of July of 1989 in Cardiff, Wales.
He is a football player who plays for Real Madrid and for the Wales National Team. Bale began his career at Southampton. Then he moved to the Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, for 7 million. He is an offensive player.
On 1 September 2013 he was transferred to the Real Madrid for 77 dollar, which are 91 million euros. He helped the team to win the King’s Cup and the tenth Champions League, scoring in both finals. In the Real Madrid he has the number 11.

                                                                        By Alex Sanz

Lea Michele

                                            LEA MICHELE

Lea Michele was born the 29 August 1986, she is an important actress and singer of America, she is known because she is one of the main characters on the TV serie ‘Glee’ .Lea has just upload on youtube the video of her new single ‘On my way’, She is going through a bad phase because her boyfriend Cory Monteith died the last 13th of July because of a overdosing due, they were going to marry. Lea said on an interview that Cory was her person and she would never replace him.

Lea interpretate the role of Rachel Berry in Glee, she has been working for that serie for five seasons but now they are working of the 6th season. The season five was released in USA the last September but in Spain will be released on July, we are all waiting for glee to be released, it will be one of the most existing season. I love Glee.

I like Lea Michele because she is an example to follow she dosen’t matter how does she feel she live with an smile every day, I love her.

                                                               By Aurora Cerra

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

María Menédez-Ponte

The day 22 of April, the author of the book “Nunca sere tu héroe” came to our school.That day she explained to us her life and some characteristics of the book.We also ask her some questions and she signed our books.                                                                    

                                                                    By Alex Sanz

open doors day

Open doors day

In laude fontenebro the 26 of April there was like a small party.
 first of all we did some experiments in biology class with Antonio.
 then we went to the classrooms to do some presentations of different subjects.
After this we ate paella in the dinning room, when we finished we saw some performances.

I think it was very entertaining
                                   By Juan Fernando
The Olympics

On the day 14th of May we went to the Olympics in the sport center of Collado Villalba.
There we had a great time with our friends and we took part in many competitions, such as, football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, swimming, etc.
In my case, I played football, the first match was against the María Guerrero. We lost 4-0.
In beach volleyball our school won silver and in volleyball we won bronce.
We also won many medals in athletics.

We had a great day !    
                                                                      Alex Sanz

Mombeltran 2014


Here is a photo of the youth hostel.
On the first days of May we went to a youth hostel in Avila, it was an amazing experience, we went to a youth hostel called 'El Hospital de San Andrés', it was small, it didn’t look like an acient hospital.
We also did many activities, like going to the city and make a gymkhana, going on a trip to the river, we also went to the zip-lines and play some sports in a sport center. I love this experience.

                                                         By Aurora Cerra

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

My Easter holiday. By Alejandro Sanz

My Easter  Holiday
On this Easter Holidays I did many things, on the five days before I went to the house of my cousins in “Helgueras” in Cantabria I woke up very late and then I spent all the day in the park playing football.

On Tuesday evening I packed and I went to the bed early, because on the day after I was going to Cantabria.
On Wednesday I woke up very early because my parents wanted to leave home at nine o’clock. The trip lasted four hours, and we arrived at “Helgueras” at about two o’clock.
The first thing that we did was leaving the suitcases at the house of my cousins, then I went with my cousin to the countryside and there, he introduced his friends, Adri and Juan to me. After that we played many things around the village. In the evening we continued playing and then, at half past nine we went to the pub to watch the final of the King’s Cup, on these match, the Real Madrid was playing against Barça. The Real Madrid won 2-1, and Adri won the draw, he won sixteen Euros.
On the days after, I made met more friends, and we played many things, we used the tractors, we went to a restaurant, we talk, we went to the beach, etc.
On Saturday evening, we left “Helgueras”, and we arrive at Collado Villalba at eleven o’clock.
On Sunday I saw some films and I played football.

On Monday I watched the TV and on the evening I 
went to football training.
                                                       Alejandro Sanz 2ºA

My Easter holidays. By Juan Fernando Lázaro

Easter holidays

The first day in the morning I had a walk with me little sister called Raquel and my dog called Lucia in Moralzarzal it was a sunny day. Then I ate and in the evening I did some homework of languish.
The second day in the morning I did some homework of English and listened music with my other sister called Marta then I ate in a restaurant and after this I relax in me house watched the TV.
In the evening I went with me family to the sport centre to played basketball and I wan !
The third day I went to the mountain with my family then  I went home, I was tired .
The three days later  I went to Madrid  to visits museums and went to the cathedral of Almudena and to a palace.
The next day I  went to me grand’s mother hous. The first day in the house I went to buy some food to the rest of the eater holidays and in the evening I stayed in home doing home work and watching TV.
The day before I went to the Retiro in Madrid   with my grand mother and we ate something . it was and spectacular day . then in the evening I study languish and had a walk with my dog .

The next day I went to the ( casa del campo ) there were a beautiful lake, I ate near to the lake becose there were many restaurants the next day I went to the mass and then I went to my house in Morarzarzal and now I´m here writing this essay of my Easter holidays.
                                                                             By Juan Fernando

My Easter holidays. By Aurora Cerra

                                        EASTER HOLIDAYS

On my Easter holidays I went to La Manga, this year, all my friends went there so I met with them almost all days.
On Saturday I met with a friend, we went to the beach and we took a walk through the area, when we were in the swimming pool we saw another friend and we talked with him almost all the evening, we went to a rooftop and we had amazing views of all La Manga. At night I went out with my friend and we pass a great time.
On Sunday, I went to the beach with my parents and my sister, we took a walk through the beach and I played with my sister and we went for lunch to a restaurant, in the evening I went out with my friends and I met new friends, there were very friendly but  older than me.
On Monday I went to Calblanque all the day because my friends went to Murcia again and returned on Wednesday. But they send me a message that they were on the car coming back to La Manga, so I returned to my house.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I did the same as in Monday, but my friend Mari Carmen came to La Manga.

On Thursday, I spent all the day out because it was my last day on the beach, and I went for the first time to the bridge, it was amazing! Finally, I said goodbye but they gave me a surprise when I was coming back to Madrid.