jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

book fair

Book fair
When 2º ESO and 4º ESO finished the exams went to the Retiro because there where the book fair. Many people bought books, one of the most successful books was Divergente.

The teachers let us go anywhere of the Retiro that was the best part.  
                      By Juan Fernando

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

The Death of Darío Barrio

Darío Barrio was an Spanish chef, who was born in Madrin 1972 and he recently died the 6th of June of 2014. He had participated many TV programmes like “Todos contra el chef”.

He died in a BASE jumping accident in Segura de la Sierra, in Jaén, with 42 years.The act was supposed to be a tribute to álvaro Bultó, who died in a similar way.
                                                            By Alex Sanz

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

The King has renounced

On Monday 2nd of June, after 38 years of reign, the King Juan Carlos I had decided to renounce to the throne. At the beggining of July the prince Felipe will come to throne, and he will became the King of Spain with the name of Felipe VI. 
This is the first time in many years, in which a Spanish King renounces to the throne. 
We are very thankful to him and very prouded of the King we had had.  

                                                              By Alex Sanz


Atleti won the league:

Atleti and Basa plaid their last mach of the league, if they tied the Atleti won the leage but if the the Barsa scored a goal and the Atleti no the Barsa won the leage.

In the minute 16 Alexis ,a  football player of Barsa,s team scored a goal. The first part end with a 1-0 for the Barsa.

At the start of the second part Atleti scored a goal. The mach end with a 1-1 so the Atleti won the leage!

                                                                                      By Juan Fernando