martes, 29 de abril de 2014

My Easter holidays. By Aurora Cerra

                                        EASTER HOLIDAYS

On my Easter holidays I went to La Manga, this year, all my friends went there so I met with them almost all days.
On Saturday I met with a friend, we went to the beach and we took a walk through the area, when we were in the swimming pool we saw another friend and we talked with him almost all the evening, we went to a rooftop and we had amazing views of all La Manga. At night I went out with my friend and we pass a great time.
On Sunday, I went to the beach with my parents and my sister, we took a walk through the beach and I played with my sister and we went for lunch to a restaurant, in the evening I went out with my friends and I met new friends, there were very friendly but  older than me.
On Monday I went to Calblanque all the day because my friends went to Murcia again and returned on Wednesday. But they send me a message that they were on the car coming back to La Manga, so I returned to my house.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I did the same as in Monday, but my friend Mari Carmen came to La Manga.

On Thursday, I spent all the day out because it was my last day on the beach, and I went for the first time to the bridge, it was amazing! Finally, I said goodbye but they gave me a surprise when I was coming back to Madrid.

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