martes, 29 de abril de 2014

My Easter holiday. By Alejandro Sanz

My Easter  Holiday
On this Easter Holidays I did many things, on the five days before I went to the house of my cousins in “Helgueras” in Cantabria I woke up very late and then I spent all the day in the park playing football.

On Tuesday evening I packed and I went to the bed early, because on the day after I was going to Cantabria.
On Wednesday I woke up very early because my parents wanted to leave home at nine o’clock. The trip lasted four hours, and we arrived at “Helgueras” at about two o’clock.
The first thing that we did was leaving the suitcases at the house of my cousins, then I went with my cousin to the countryside and there, he introduced his friends, Adri and Juan to me. After that we played many things around the village. In the evening we continued playing and then, at half past nine we went to the pub to watch the final of the King’s Cup, on these match, the Real Madrid was playing against Barça. The Real Madrid won 2-1, and Adri won the draw, he won sixteen Euros.
On the days after, I made met more friends, and we played many things, we used the tractors, we went to a restaurant, we talk, we went to the beach, etc.
On Saturday evening, we left “Helgueras”, and we arrive at Collado Villalba at eleven o’clock.
On Sunday I saw some films and I played football.

On Monday I watched the TV and on the evening I 
went to football training.
                                                       Alejandro Sanz 2ºA

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